Order of Worship

Have you ever wondered why we worship the way we do at Wesley Uniting Church Box Hill?

The Order of Worship is like a “Menu for Worship” where it is divided into 4 segments. Each segment contains elements that contributes towards the making of Intentional Disciples. We have selected elements to reflect the quality of our worship service which in turn defines our identity.

The following explanations are meant to be helpful introductions to the basic worship philosophy of our church.

The 4 segments:

Enter to WORSHIP
The Greek word for worship ‘proskuneō’ means to encounter God and praise Him. In participating in acts of worship at all times, we celebrate God’s worthiness and greatness by giving praise, honour and glory to His name. We appreciate and value all types and expressions of genuine worship during our service.
This segment allows us to prepare our hearts to be in focus and ready to worship.

CONNECT with our Church Family
Christians are not meant to live alone but to live together in God’s family to better face life’s challenges. In gathering as God’s people we affirm that we are glad to be worshipping God together and through Opening Prayers and Praise, we establish that our worship is communion with God as well as with one another.
We extend a special welcome to our visitors and provide an opportunity for personal greetings.

GROW in God’s Word
In receiving God’s Word and allowing it to change us, we can grow spiritually to become more Christ like and live a victorious Christian life.
Through Scriptural Readings, Musical Meditation and Sermon, we are able to mediate on God’s Word to discern His Will and draw closer to Him.

Go forth to SERVE & REACH OUT
Following Jesus’s lead, we serve God by serving one another. Following Jesus’s command we reach out in love and compassion to be a blessing to others with Christ’s love.
The service concludes with a series of acts in which the congregation is dismissed with blessings and is sent forth to active ministry in the world, dedicating our lives to God’s service and living out our discipleship.

The Elements:

The prelude usually begins ten minutes prior to each of our worship services and is intended to be a time of preparing ourselves for worship.
The prelude is meant to be an integral part of our worship time as it gives us the opportunity to come into the presence of God in an intentional way, instead of rushing in at the last moment. The prelude dose not function as background music for conversation, but rather serves as a time to focus our hearts and minds on Almighty God. This is played on our Church’s heritage pipe organ.

Call to Worship
A call to worship is directed to the people by God through the worship leader. This is an act that brings the congregation into being; bring us into a deeper awareness of God’s presence. It is a call to focus mind, heart, and intention on the worship of God. It usually has the character of an acclamation.

Opening Prayers
The opening prayer offered by the worship leader, has many purposes; it could be a prayer of adoration, one of petition or confession, a prayer of thanksgiving or an assurance of forgiveness. Primarily, the opening prayer asks God to be with us in our worship. It frequently focuses us on the season or liturgical (church calendar) observance of the day. While all worship seeks to tell God’s mighty acts of creation, incarnation, and redemption, we focus on specific parts of the story through the Christian year, and this prayer helps point us in that direction.

Reading of Scripture
The Reading of Scripture allows us to hear God’s Word that affirms the greatness and goodness of God. The Scriptural Reading forms the basis of the preaching and serves to inspire fresh hope and new inspiration.

Music Meditation
A live musical performance to enrich our worship experience through musical meditation that testify to the goodness of our Living God.

Preaching is divine activity, a gift of God in which one called of God, is inspired to interpret scripture in a practical way for the congregation to apply in their lives and be transformed. God’s truth is declared by the preacher and its meaning brought home to those who listen. The worshiper is encouraged to take notes on the sermon in order to help hear what God is saying. It is worthwhile mentioning that the same same sermon may be used by God to speak to people at different points or levels of their lives.

While our service is predominately traditional, we have incorporated video clips with contemporary elements to enhance the worship experience of the younger people in our service. The theme of the video clip chosen is related to the biblical reading of the week.

Prayers of the people
The Prayers of the people is our intercessory prayer. This prayer is spoken on behalf of the entire congregation. In the intercessory prayer, we address God in a special way, as priestly intercessors for each other and for the world at large. We pray not just for our own congregation and for the people we know, we also intercede for those in authority, for those who are poor, hungry, or sick and so on. This prayer is usually offered by the worship leader.

The Benediction Prayer is a short and beautiful prayer set in poetic form. It is found in Numbers 6:24-26, and is likely one of the oldest poems in the Bible. Just as we begin with God’s gracious invitation, so we end with God’s promise to always be with us. The benediction is simply a blessing spoken at the end of the worship service. This closing prayer is designed to send us on our way with the blessing of God after the service. This pray invites or asks God for divine blessing, help, guidance, and peace as we go to live and work in the world as God’s people, until we meet to worship again.

The purpose of the postlude is to send the worshipers out to serve in the world. The music is often exuberant and joyful, providing a celebratory ending to the worship experience. Once again it is played on our Church’s heritage pipe organ.

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